1. Find the Pack number for your APC UPS
Simply click the APC website link here to find out the battery Pack number such like “RBC3”.

2. Check out the replacment battery in the quick reference table below:
There are two brands – CSB and VISION for the options

APC UPS RBC Replacement Battery Quick Reference
APC PACK # CSB Req. Qty Vision Req.Qty Terminal
RBC1 GP645 2 F1
RBC2 GP1272 1 F2
RBC3 CP6120 2 F2
RBC4 GP12120 1 CP12120 1 F2
RBC5 GP1272 2 F2
RBC6 GP12120 2 CP12120 2 F2
RBC7 GP12170 2 B1
RBC8 GP1272 4 F2
RBC9 GP1272 2 F2
RBC11 GP12170 4 B1
RBC12 GP1272 8 F2
RBC18 HRL634 F2
RBC22 GP1272 2 F2
RBC23 GP1272 4 F2
RBC24 GP1272 4 F2
RBC25 GP1272 4 F2
RBC27 GP1272 8 F2
RBC31 GP1272 4 F2
RBC32 GP1272 2 F2
RBC33 GP1272 2 F2
RBC34 HRL634 2 F2
RBC43 HR1221 8 HP1230 8 F2
RBC44 HR1221 16 HP1230 16 F2
RBC48 GP1272 2 F2
RBC55 GP12170 4 B1
RBC57 GP1272 4 F2
RBC59 GP1272 4 F2
RBC109 HRL1234 2 F2
RBC110 GP1272 1 F2
RBC114 GP1272 1 F2
RBC123 GP1272 2 F2
RBC140 HR1221 16 HP1230 16 F2
SmartCell CP12170 4 B1
SmartCell XR 6FM75 4 M6


* Please note: APC and RBC are registered trade marks of American Power Conversion Corporation, the CSB and Vision batteries that BatteryGuru selling here are not approved by APC.

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