Crown CR-260 6V 260Ah Flooded Deep Cycle Battery

Crown CR-260 6V 260Ah Flooded Deep Cycle Battery

Brand: Crown
Product Code: Crown_CR260_6V260Ah
Price: $416.90 Ex Tax: $379.00

Supreme Deep Cycle Batteries are manufactured by Crown Battery, manufacturing in the US, established in 1926. Crown Battery Manufacturing Company offers a complete lineup of high-performing and low-maintenance commercial deep cycle batteries produced under the Standard BCI industry profiles for voltage, electrical capacity and physical dimension. Crown Battery`s innovative and proven deep cycle product design makes it the battery of choice for tough commercial battery applications, including commercial floor care and aerial access equipment, electric motorcars, personal carriers, material handling equipment and photovoltaic systems

General Feature

Rigid Connectors: Heavy-duty TTP, COS and Post connectors deliver maximum electrical efficiency and durability.
X-TEND Container Design:   X-Tend provides more electrolyte above the battery plates so batteries can perform longer between watering intervals, lowering preventive maintenance costs and improving overall ROI on your Supreme Battery purchase.
Heavy-Duty Construction:  Supreme Deep Cycle Batteries are the heavyweight of the industry. More weight means more lead, which translates into a battery that will work and last longer.
PROeye:  No mess, no guess system for inspecting electrolyte levels that signals when watering is required
Heat-Sealed Case and Cover Design.
Posi –Wrap Envelope Separators:  Posi-Wrap Separators reduce maintenance and prevent failure due to short-circuiting and plate shredding, ensuring reliability and durability.
Z3 Plate Construction:  Supreme Z3 design combines three integrated features for superior performance and durability.



Length: 260
Width: 179
Height: 295