Neuton Power Classic Range AGM Deep Cycle NPDC12350 12V 35Ah Battery

Brand: Neuton Power
Product Code: NPDC12350_12V35Ah
Price: $122.00 Ex Tax: $110.91

General Features
●Oxygen recombination technology: maintenance-free.
●The patent grid alloy: less gassing,low self-discharging.
●Special paste formula: additives for deep discharge,  long cycle life.
●High quality AGM separator: extend cycle life and prevent micro short circuit.
●The patent Nano silica gel electrolytes: improve the deep discharge performance.
●Cast on strap (COS) welding technology for high consistency and reliability.
●ABS container: increase the strength of battery.

● Electric vehicle                
● Lawn mowers
● Illumination light
● Wheelchairs
● Sweeper                          
● Electric toys                          
● Electric tools                          
● Golf  trolley  and  golf cart

Length: 195    Width: 130    Height: 167

Weight: 10Kg

For more detail please refer to data sheet