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Ideal Telecom Battery for Uninterrupted Power Supply

Battery designed for telecommunication application is called a Telecom Battery. Telecommunications is defined as the transmission of voice or digital information over long distances, hence power systems that have backup batteries are used in data networks, high-speed data transmissions, wireless communications and cable television.

A reliable telecom battery can provide high power back-up to enable proper functioning of all these applications for a certain time without any disruptions during power loss.

Battery Guru recommends the reliable VRLA battery to be used for backing up the telecommunication power system.

VRLA stands for Valve Regulated Lead Acid. VRLA batteries have AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) built-in, which allows the batteries to have high performance with minimum maintenance.

VRLA or sometimes SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries that are often used as telecommunication batteries in Melbourne are of high-quality so that the batteries can meet the requirement of the telecommunication system to ensure that there is always back-up power in case of power outage. Its reliability ensures that the batteries can have high power output at a stable pace without compromising long term performance.

The VRLA technology ensures that the gas emissions are kept under control, Hydrogen which is usually produced during charging will be regulated by the valve in the battery. AGM technology ensures that all the sulfuric acid is absorbed by the glass mat to avoid emissions of acid mist. AGM technology also makes the battery non-spillable, which can be declared as Non-dangerous Goods for transport.

Store and use a telecom battery

  • For storage and optimum performance, the telecom battery can be stored on a shelf in a ventilated area at room temperature (around 25°C). A ventilated area helps in preventing the accumulation of hydrogen, which is flammable and explosive.
  • To avoid shortening the battery life, floating charge is required to maintain the battery in good condition.

Replace a telecommunication battery

A telecom battery will have to be replaced within a certain time frame depending on the condition of use. It is recommended to replace the battery if the battery has the following issues:

  • Battery impedance rising rapidly.
  • Low battery voltage even after charging.
  • Battery is bulging or the terminals are corrupted.
  • Battery doesn’t last for the required amount of time at a set discharge rate according to the data sheet.

It is recommended to replace telecommunication batteries every 2 years. To check if a battery needs replacing, some tests need to be performed first. If the battery needs to be replaced, it is strongly recommended to use the same model (same voltage and internal resistance) with closest manufacturing date possible for the replacement. After replacement, a full discharge cycle & equalization charge for the battery system is normally required in order to maintain the batteries.

Battery Guru, a reputed online distributor and supplier of telecommunication batteries in Melbourne, offers a complete range of lead-acid batteries with regulated valve (VRLA) for telecommunication applications. To find out if the following products meet the requirements of your telecommunication equipment backup systems or to buy telecommunication batteries online, please contact us.

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