APC UPS RBC109 Replacement battery
    2 x VISION HP1250 F2 terminal


    VISION HP1250, 12V 50W 9Ah
    (High rate discharge)
    The new VISION HP/HF series batteries are specially designed for applications where need high power output. By optimum design of battery grids and plate paste formula, the HP/HF series can deliver up to 40% more
    power than VISION standard CP/FM series.
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    General Features

    • Positive and negative plates in lead-calcium tin alloy
    • Superior energy density
    • Operates at a low internal pressure.
    • Gas Recombination
    • Usable in any orientation
    • A recognized component of UL
    • Very high power output
    • Application specific designs
    • A couple Range from 13W to 890W per cell for 10′ @ 1.60Vpc
    • Six months shelf life at 20°C
    • Design life 5 years

    Dimensions and Weight

    • Length(mm/inch) 151/5.94
    • Width(mm/inch) 65/2.56
    • Height(mm/inch) 94/3.70
    • Total Height(mm/inch) 100/3.94
    • Approx. Weight(Kg/lbs) 2.8/6.17
    Performance Characteristics
    • Nominal Voltage 12V
    • Number of cell 6
    • Design Life 5 years
    • Nominal Capacity 68°F(20°C)
      10 min wattage @ 1.6V 50w/cell
    • Nominal Capacity 77°F(25°C)
      20 hour rate (0.45A, 10.5V) 9Ah
    • Internal Resistance
      Fully Charged battery 68°F(20°C) 18mOhms
    • Self-Discharge
      3% of capacity declined per month at 20°C(average)
    • Operating Temperature Range
      Discharge -20~60°C
      Charge -10~60°C
      Storage -20~60°C
    • Max. Discharge Current 67°F(20°C) 135A(5s)
    • Short Circuit Current 670A
    • Charge Methods: Constant Voltage Charge 68°F(20°C)
      Cycle use    2.30-2.35VPC
      Maximum charging current 3.6A
      Temperature compensation -30mV/°C
      Standby use    2.23-2.27VPC
      Temperature compensation -20mV/°C

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