Vision SP Series Lithium Battery 12.8V 200AH

    Terminals: M8

    Model & overall Specs Vision SP12-100/A Vision SP12-150 Vision SP12-200
    Cell 3.2V 100AH 3.2V 50AH 3.2V 100AH
    Cell  Series & Parallels 4S1P 4S3P 4S2P
    Rated Voltage 12.8V
    Rated Capacity 100 AH 150 AH 200 AH
    Rated Energy 1.28 KWh 1.92 KWh 2.56 KWh
    Max Charge Current A 50A
    Recommended Charge Current A 25A
    Max Discharge Current A 100A
    Life Cycle @25 celcius,0.5C/0.25C,80%DOD Approx 2500
    Warranty Period 3 Yr
    End of discharge voltage 11.2V
    Operating temperature-Charge 0~50 °C
    Operating temperature-Discharge -20~65 °C
    IP Rating IP65
    Series Support <=6
    Parallel Support <=6
    Bluetooth connectivity N/A
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