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Why Having Fire Alarm Control Panel Battery is Important?  

A fire panel is a safety appliance that commercial buildings typically require in order to set into motion a number of tasks that could save lives and minimize property damage.

Fire alarm control panel can activate a quick emergency response when there’s a fire so everyone in the building has a chance to get out safely. Different fire panels have different features. For example, a basic fire panel might sound an alarm to alert everyone of the danger. Some fire panels also call the fire department, and some even activate the building’s sprinkler system to try to put the fire out fast.

 Fire alarm control panel batteries are generally used in control panels to provide the fire alarm system emergency power backup. This will make sure that the panel keeps operating without interruptions even when the main power supply is down.

At Battery Guru, We have a wide range of fire alarm batteries that are suitable for use with fire alarm control panels. Depending on the mechanism of the fire alarm systems, every fire alarm control panel requires different type of batteries based on the size and capability of the control panel.

Battery Guru is a reputed online distributor and supplier of fire alarm batteries in Melbourne. We offer a complete range of control panel batteries online for always keeping the fire alarms active. The batteries are designed for optimal performance, long life, easy maintenance, flexible storage and fast installation. To buy a control panel battery online or to know which battery backup source will be compatible with your fire alarm, contact us.

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