VRLA General Standby

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VRLA Batteries; For Uninterrupted Power Supply!

For the past 40 years, sealed VRLA batteries have been used in the systems to provide power back-up during an emergency; VRLA is the acronym for valve-regulated lead-acid battery. Their resistance to irregular loads, to deep discharges (being able to reach 80% discharge), and due to the large number of load /discharge cycles that they can perform, make them ideal for these types of systems.

A standby VRLA battery is mostly used for UPS and emergency systems, therefore they are also referred to as UPS batteries. Sealed VRLA batteries used in Melbourne are maintenance free and they do not require frequent checking of electrolyte levels or top up of water. Moreover, their sealed structure prevents unwanted spilling of acid or emission of hazardous fumes or gases.

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