Golf Cart & Golf Buggy Battery

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Melbourne houses more of Australia’s best golf courses than probably any other major cities. When hitting the links, you want to count on our quality golf buggy battery solutions to keep the good times rolling.

Our batteries for golf buggies have been engineered to deliver high performance and longer battery life. No matter it’s AGM, Lithium or SLA, Battery Guru, will have the right golf buggy batteries for your needs.

We have full range in AGM from 15Ah to 60Ah & higher. The lithium battery for golf buggy is much lighter than SLA, while extremely durable. If you would like further information or extra assistance in choosing the right product to buy, please feel free to contact our friendly team of professionals.

Melbourne boasts a fabulous group of highly ranked golf courses conveniently located in the Sandbelt region with a short distance from each other. Whether you manage a big fleet or own a ride-on cart yourself, the last thing you want to worry about is battery dying halfway that ruins the exceptional experience.

For ride-on carts, long range applications and other special circumstances, Battery Guru is distributor of Neuton Power batteries & major supplier of Crown, and Sebang batteries designed for this purpose.

Battery guru carries a wide range of 6, 8 and 12 volt flooded deep cycle batteries that you need for your golf cart. Whether the cart is running short sooner than usual, needs one or a bank of replacement batteries, or even a self-watering system, Battery Guru will be your best helper.

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