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The crucial factor of a UPS battery is about its performance:

  • Amount of watt supplied for the length of time during emergency power loss.

Performance details of the battery are in the technical data sheet. Capacity and runtime are the most important two specifications on the data sheet. Capacity is how much power a UPS battery can provide, and high rate batteries are measured in Watts. To find out the UPS battery capacity, you will need to calculate the load of the UPS system, and the Load is the combined amount of power each of the devices use. Runtime is the number of minutes UPS batteries can support the attached devices with backup power during a blackout.

Modern high-tech devices like data servers and other computer systems require high discharge current at a very fast and steady pace to function properly without glitches for a short period of time during an emergency, i.e. 30 minutes. High rate batteries are specially designed for applications where high power output is needed. With an optimized design combining efficient battery grids and special plate paste chemistry, high rate batteries can deliver much more power than standard standby batteries for general-purpose applications.

Batteries are the most vulnerable part of a UPS, and battery failure is a leading cause of load loss. Understanding how to properly maintain and manage the high rate discharge batteries in UPS can not only extend battery service life, but it can also help prevent costly downtime. It is always prudent to follow a few precautions. 

  • Batteries must be installed or stored in a cool & dry place. A temperature not exceeding 77° F (25° C) is recommended, and every 8° C rise in temperature may cut your battery life in half. For replacement battery storage, due to the self-discharge characteristics of VRLA batteries, it is recommended you charge them every three to four months of storage. Otherwise, permanent loss of capacity will occur between 18 and 30 months.
  • Perform regular maintenance and calibrate your UPS batteries once or twice a year.
  • Do not mix old batteries with new ones in one device as this might reduce the battery life of the new battery. 

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