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Why Choose Lead Carbon Battery?

There are different types of batteries available, serving the various requirements in numerous applications; some are suitable for high power requirements, whereas some have high longevity and as such. But, if you are searching for a reliable, safe, solar battery system with an extremely long life, then Lead Carbon Battery is one of the most ideal options. The lead carbon battery is based on the traditional lead-acid battery, which considerably increases the battery life. With the addition of carbon in the negative plate of these batteries, it turns the lead carbon battery into a quasi-asymmetric supercapacitor to improve charge and discharge performance. 

Compared to other traditional lead-acid solar batteries, a lead carbon battery has many advantages that give it a greater edge over others:

  • a higher energy density,
  • high power
  • more charge/recharge cycles, 
  • better high current charge/discharge performance, 
  • greater charge efficiency, 
  • low-temperature performance, 
  • low cost, mature production and recycling process, etc. 

Focussed in delivering only the best, at Battery Guru, we offer carbon batteries developed by Japanese Furukawa Company to ensure uncompromising quality. These lead carbon batteries come with around 15 years of design life, providing more than 4200 cycles at 70% DOD. The improved designs of these batteries lend them higher charge acceptance ability which makes them more suitable for PSOC applications. Also, the carbon batteries are built following the most advanced technology and complying with the strict manufacturing process to maintain the consistency and reliability of the batteries. Apart from these remarkable features, a carbon battery also comes with modular design, thus providing easy installation and convenient maintenance, even in cramped spaces.

Here, at Battery Guru, we can guide you to find the best option of the lead carbon battery supply in Melbourne to fulfil your power storage requirement. 


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